About Us
Today I wake up and start the day as a single mother determined to stay at home with my two girls. Kahlila is 3 and Anjali is 16 months. I am working as a stay at home mom because I sense the importance of being present with my children. I am raising my children with an attachment parenting style, which includes: breast-feeding for 2 years, co-sleeping, babywearing, and supporting my girls when they cry by holding and assuring them that it's ok to let out what is inside. I am balancing the work of being a mother, a provider, and also taking time to take care for myself. I have learned that a happy mama equals a happy baby. I have to remind myself that I am allowed to make mistakes and that my children learn as I do everyday, and that they are just as much my teacher as I am theirs!

I have been working for the last 10 months in China and now in Portland, Oregon designing and making approximately 100 different styles of My Bei Bei Traditional Chinese baby carriers. I have redesigned the traditional Style Bei Bei to meet the modern American mother, and I also make a traditional Chinese Mei Tai for those that love the original design. There is little room for improvement since it has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. I have added to the Bei Bei to make it my own personal design: a loop on top to attach toys for smaller ones to play while mama or caregiver is moving about through the world doing daily tasks. I have added 4 ties so that you can bundle up your baby in his favorite warm snuggly blanket during the winter months, or if you live in a cold climate zone.

My wish for every mother and family is to find a community that supports them in the raising of their children, because it can't be done alone! I hope that my wraps and other related products bring to everyone a feeling of closeness and intimacy with their baby and young child.

Tanya, Kahlila, and Anjali