Frequently Asked Questions
My baby is fussy! Does my baby hate this carrier?

The could be a lot going on with your baby from food sensitivities, getting sick, over stimulation, or just needing to cry. My personal opinion is that whatever carrier you like and is comfortable for you than you baby will learn to like it. When you are comfortable and relaxed then your baby can feel and sense that and will be more comfortable and relaxed. It took my daughter a week before she was happy with the Bei Bei and now she asked to be put in it. When I work on the weekends she sleeps for 3 hours on my back. When I was a first time mother I was overwhelmed every time my daughter cried. I would panic and try to do something to make her stop crying. After having two babies I am much more relaxed and I know that sometimes babies need to cry. It helps them release stress and after they cry for 30 minutes to 45 min they will be more alert and pleasant to be around. The questions I ask myself are, what would I want? What makes me feel better? Would I like to be held when I cry? Would I like to be put in a room and left alone? Do I feel better if I am supported and told that it is ok to cry?