Frequently Asked Questions
Can I put the Bei Bei, Mei Tai, wraparound, and sling on my back by myself?

Well, being a single mother this was the first goal that I had was to have a carrier that I could put on my back without help of someone else, and that was going to be comfortable for me to wear for long periods of time while my daughter slept or I worked. My personal favorites on the back are both the Bei Bei and the Mei Tai. My favorite is the Bei Bei and this is because I could get my daughter on my back most easily. The Mei Tai you have to figure out how to slide your baby around your side or over your head. I like the Mei Tai for when your child can stand on his or her own that way you can bend down and they can get on your back and strap them on. The wrap around I could never figure out how to get her strapped on my to my back and I have seen people who have done it with ease, but for me I felt dyslexic. The sling again I have seen people who have done it with ease, but I could never get a good back carry. These are just my own personal experiences. See the comparison chart for more info.