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My Bei Bei Instructions

Step 1 : Place your baby, toddler, or young child on his/her back on the inside of My BeiBei wrap. If your baby is tired and wants to fall asleep, then place the baby so the head is above the top of the wrap. If your child is wide awake and you need to get some work done, then place the child's arms above the top of the wrap so s/he can play while you work.

Step 2 : Wrap the square snug around your baby, toddler, or young child so that My Bei Bei lays across the front of the body.

Step 3 : Placing the child on your back :

a.) Since my baby can sit up, then I place her on a bed or chair and I sit or kneel in front of her holding onto the straps firmly so she doesn't fall over. I stand up and wrap the straps (step 4).

b.) If your baby can't sit up, or if you prefer not to kneel, hold your child up over your head and slide the baby down your back making sure to hold tightly to the straps.

c.) Of course if there is someone to place the baby on your back this is a way to start putting your baby on until you feel comfortable with your new wrap.

d.) For newborns or smaller babies you can place My Bei Bei on your front.

Step 4 - Fastening the straps :

a.) After the child is on your back, wrap the straps under your armpits, cross the straps behind your back and place them under the child's buttocks. Wrap the straps back around to the front and tie in a knot.

b.) Instead of placing the straps under the armpits, cross them in the front of your body. Everything else is the same.

c.) For a child who is heavier or has longer legs, you can choose to have your child wrap their legs around your waist. Follow steps 1 or 2, but you just add one more step which is: placing the straps under the child's legs, twist the straps two times and bring them over the child's legs to the front to tie a knot.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Please remember that with My Bei Bei, it is your responsibility to read directions carefully, and take full responsibility for the safety of your baby or young child. The creators of My Bei Bei have designed their product for the purpose of comfort and durability and we do not take responsibility for any accidents that may occur while using My Bei Bei. My Bei Bei wraps are to be used for children 35 pounds or less. If you have any questions, please contact me.